Well, I had the privilege of cooking the last of the legal Pinto abalone here in Canada on wed night, we had a community dinner for about 90 folks, we raised these pinto abalone & the government gave us a permit to eat the remaining ones as the program is not getting funded anymore.

So on to the dinner, I braised the abalone (they were about 4oz each) whole in Brandy, white wine, clam juice & butter for over 5 hours, served them with a split pea risotto, & for the sauce I was given some local fresh shrimp, I used the heads to make a Cardinal sauce.

the tricky part was the split pea risotto as you have to baby it so the starch will burst, but not too much or you end up with soup, I wanted it croquante but not too crunchy as that would be bad for the digestion system. In the end i was happy & everyone raved, the abalone have a unique taste, kind of like portobellos with a taste of the sea thrown in.

Well I,m off to Scotland now for the Hols, so I wish you all a merry one..Bon Apetit...Jamie

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Comment by Oana Silaghi-Bedikyan on December 24, 2010 at 5:10pm

Jaime, that sounds heavenly. I have always wanted to sample Abalone but have only seen it here in Chinatown, smoked and sugared.  Might you have any photos of this glorious event? :)

Right back to you, Oana

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