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Salutations from Maria ...

I've made it! Made it! Oh my God. You have no idea. No idea. But I am about to give you an idea. I, dear readers, have just spent the last hour, on a bicycle, with a twenty pound knapsack, cycling through the countryside. The hilly countryside. The rugged countryside. The mountainous countryside. The getting whacked with bugs that literally went paff! into my unsuspecting chest countryside. Ughh. You…


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Gnocchi Parisienne with Bolognese Sauce

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Most individuals think of Gnocchi as an Italian potato dumpling, and yes this is the more popular of the dumplings but most countries have their own recipes for dumplings. The…


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Tarte flambée

Just to be clear this is not actually a pizza ;-), but a very classic dish from Alsace, France. I have had guest very upset saying I miss lead them with the name, asking why I just don't call it a pizza, I have also had a couple of guests shocked that it was not a dessert when delivered to their table. (there…


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Baby Back Ribs

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Michelin and a Mom

Baby Back Ribs are one of my summer favorites. I love to eat them with a simple green salad and…


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