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Difficult and delicious ...


It was stormy outside when I asked the question. Kind of like today. I always seem to remember the weather. It was a difficult question for me to ask. I had been thinking about it, pondering its…

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Beans ...

Well, here I am. I can't believe it. About to type words that I never imagined I would even enter my stream of consciousness as I would (and vehemently do) curse anyone wishing upon us anything other than balmy beauty (see rant on inhumane cold here). I, dear readers, have been eagerly waiting for this day to come. This cold day. Sweater on, drinking pu'erh ginger tea, slightly uncomfortable but must… Continue

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My Fish n Chips and a Cork Dork

We have added a wine pairing category over Michelin and a Mom with our new friend Amy Payne who will be pairing our recipes with some great wine ideas. Hope you enjoy.


Fish n Chips brings me back to Oxford, England back in the mid 90′s. I had just arrived to start work for Chef Raymond Blanc , I had no money and was scared to…


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Fathers Day Fish and Chips


I started www.michelinandmom.com with my sister so we could have fun with cooking together even though we live in different countries. We are having a blast hope you enjoy. Look forward to your feedback.


It used to be kids found food at a restaurant to be better than what their mom was cooking; fast food got especially high marks. Dining out was meant for special occasion; like Father’s/Mother’s Day or an anniversary.…


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One of my favorite stories from my time spent at Le Petit Blanc in Oxford England.

 Check us out at www.michelinandmom.com


Originating in Brittany, France, “crepe” is the French word for “pancake” and there is nothing more delicious than a beautiful paper thin crepe when it’s made right. Sweet or savoury….you pick! You can stuff a crepe with anything your heart desires and you will impress your friends by…


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My plan is this ...

Two things happened this week dear readers (well, three if you count the F1, it was wet, we'll stick to two).

One, I got a badass new camera (thank you kickass family)! !!!!!! (feel divulgence of newly acquired badass new camera deserves exclamation points in their own right) and am super stoked about it (see copious…

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Michelin and a Mom

This is a recent post from a blog Michelin and a Mom my sister and I created about 2 months ago. I am a Chef and she is a stay at home mom. We like to challenge each other with ingredients and then we both create reciepes and talk a little bit of what the dish might mean to us.


Growing up on Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of Canada, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have access to amazing seafood. It just did…


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